BOPIS Efficiency with Automated Package Solutions

More stores are offering buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) options now that eCommerce is such an integral part of the retail experience. Many shoppers enjoy the ability to have overnight delivery (raise your hand if you’re an Amazon Prime member!), but there are still consumers who want to physically see and touch items. This is why retailers must have an efficient BOPIS system.

When customers are in the store, there is also a greater chance for them to see additional items they want to purchase. A poor BOPIS experience could turn customers away and compromise future business opportunities.

For example, let’s say that a customer completes an online purchase and opts for in-store pickup. She fights through traffic, has her kids in tow, and arrives at the store because she received an email notification that her item was ready for pickup. However, when she arrives the item is not ready. The item hasn’t even been put aside yet – the system worked faster than the store associate. At this point, the customer is frustrated because she walked by the actual item to get to the customer service desk.

So, what exactly went wrong?

Overcoming operational challenges

Retailers need a system that guarantees that the inventory displayed online is actually what is in the store, that those items can be picked by a store associate, and then put aside securely and in a timely manner. Consumers want a seamless system that is intuitive, easy-to-use, and fast.

On the other side of the coin, retailers also want a comprehensive system that doesn’t take extra time out of their day and keeps customers happy. Additionally, some stores are compensated based on how much they sell in the brick and mortar store. Retail associates might be frustrated with BOPIS options because they feel they’re not getting paid for all of those online orders. Maybe employees are not motivated to help ensure a good BOPIS experience.

Remember: time is money. With the right automated package solution, retailers can avoid the time-consuming process of staging items for pickup. Typically, after an order is placed an associate not only needs to find the item but they must also find a spot for that item in a pickup locker.

Instead, imagine that there is a smart shelving unit where associates simply have to place the item on it. With iPickup, computer vision technology sees the associate place an item, registers that location, and keeps track of it. From a staging standpoint, this is a quick and accurate solution. Store associates no longer have to worry about finding the “right spot” and consumers are done waiting for an employee to help them pickup items. Customers can scan their QR code, have a laser point to their item, and then grab it and go.

Competing with eCommerce giants – like Amazon – is not easy. But having an efficient BOPIS system is essential for getting started.

Position Imaging’s iPickup solution will simplify your BOPIS and eCommerce fulfillment process. With our scalable, modular hardware and software platform, retailers can put shelving units in storage rooms, behind customer service counters, or on the sales floor. Whether you want self-serve or associate-driven options, iPickup will ensure your BOPIS game is the one to beat.

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