Student Housing

Smart Package Management

Student housing communities consistently see the highest number of package deliveries. Add the “return to campus” effect in August and September, and traditional package storage spaces are busting at the seams. Staff spend countless hours accepting, logging, notifying, storing, and assisting with retrieval. Traditional rooms and even lockers are no match for this frenzy of deliveries.

The Smart Package Room® package management system, by Position Imaging, solves this problem entirely with the ability to securely store any type and size of package. The speed and ease of courier delivery leads to much better courier adoption. Laser guided resident pick up makes it easy and fast for students to find and pick up their packages. And it’s available 24 hours a day/7 days a week!

The Smart Package Room system proves to be the most efficient way to manage packages time and time again!

Location: oLiv Auburn (Auburn University) – 6 zone Room

Let Smart Package Room® do all the work

For property managers across the country, Position Imaging’s Smart Package Room has become the clear choice for ensuring simple, secure package delivery and pickup.