Smart Package Room Lite

Our Lite Version of Smart Package Room®

Smart Package Room Lite (SPRLite™) is Position Imaging’s basic package management solution. It allows multifamily properties to install a contactless, secure, intuitive package system with area tracking. The Smart Package Room Lite offers automatic resident assignment and notification to streamline courier delivery and enhanced security through digital authorization, image capture, and 24/7 room monitoring. This basic package management system also records delivery details such as the tracking number, package count, and when the pickup occurs.

Smart Package Room Lite Features

  • Secure contactless kiosk entry system
  • Label capture with auto assignment, simply take a picture of the label and place
  • Notification to residents including package type – flat, standard, oversized package – know what you are picking up before you enter the room
  • Package notification sent via text and email
  • Courier and resident room access is monitored 24/7 for trackable secure package delivery management

Upgrading Smart Package Room Lite™ is easy

Installing the Smart Package Room Lite system provides your building with basic secure package delivery & pickup. Then when ready, upgrade to the Smart Package Room solution which offers Computer Vision tracking technology of individual packages along with laser light guidance.

How SPRLite™ Works

  • STEP 1: A COURIER TAKES A PICTURE OF THE LABEL, selects a package type (standard, flat, oversized) and places the package in a designated area. System finds the resident and assigns package automatically.
  • STEP 2: RESIDENT IS NOTIFIED with a QR code and PIN on their phone to enter the secured room anytime 24/7.
  • STEP 3: THE RESIDENT SCANS THEIR QR CODE (or enters the PIN) to access the room to retrieve their package from one of the areas.

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