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Smart Package Management

Smart package Room® provides a self-serve package management system to any corporation with an affordable, scalable and easy to implement solution.

Why Choose Smart Package Room Office?

  • Allow employees to quickly and conveniently pickup packages
  • Use minimal space that maximizes capacity for your package management solution
  • Keep all employee deliveries in one secure location
  • Free up staff with a simple organized delivery process that eliminates the need for handling and sorting packages

The secure room handles equipment deliveries, office supplies, food deliveries and any size package. It leverages Position Imaging’s innovative computer vision and custom optical character recognition (OCR) technologies for a precise user-friendly experience.

Let us do the heavy lifting of package identification, tracking, and notification all within a secure space.

How Offices Benefit from the Smart Package Room®

Higher Package Capacity

Agnostic to Package Size & Type

Enhanced Employee Pickup Experience

Flexible & Customizable

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