Smart Package Room

Smart Package Management

The Smart Package Room is Position Imaging’s package management solution for Multi-unit Residential properties, Office complexes, University campuses and Mail Centers. The system leverages Position Imaging’s user-friendly, innovative and unique Computer Vision technology that tracks packages to ensure simple and secure package delivery and retrieval.

The Smart Package Room empowers any property to easily implement an affordable and scalable package management solution that improves the delivery and pickup experience for couriers and residents, reduces the potential for lost or stolen packages and increases staff productivity by allowing staff to focus on their core duties.

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How Property Managers Benefit From

The Smart Package Room

Higher Package Capacity

Agnostic to Package Size & Type

Easier & Faster Package Pickup

Better Courier Adoption

No Resident Fees or Sign Ups

Low Maintenance & Up-Front Costs

How Smart Package Room Works

  • A COURIER SCANS THE PACKAGE LABEL and places the package on any shelf in the Smart Package Room where an intuitive computer system monitors the package 24/7 until retrieved by the recipient.
  • THE RECIPIENT IS INSTANTLY NOTIFIED and receives a picture along with a QR code and PIN to enter the secured area any time 24/7.
  • THE RESIDENT SCANS THE QR CODE (or enters the PIN) to enter the room where laster and audio cues guide the revipient to the package’s exact location. 

Package Drop Off & Pickup in Seconds

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