How Package Management Benefits Apartment Complexes

In today’s age of ecommerce and overnight shipping, time is becoming a key concern for package delivery. Residents want to receive their packages quickly and seamlessly, and management companies want to make that happen in a cost-efficient manner. So how can all parties involved win?

As the flood of packages continues to grow, it’s no longer an issue of whether it would be “nice to have” a better package management solution, but it is now a necessity to have a better method.

Changing the thought process

Typically, apartment complexes would require staffed areas for package management. This helps ensure that residents can find their items, but it will also limit those associates’ time for other duties. Even if there are set hours for package retrieval – to try and balance staff responsibilities – residents are then limited to when they can get their packages.

Management companies also desire efficiency. When staff are sorting packages, fulfilling orders and manning the package pickup areas, they can’t focus on other important tasks, such as customer service or administrative duties. Staff time is limited, which is not cost-effective or practical.

It’s time to take staff out of the package management business.

The option of the future, today

Package management no longer needs to rely on items being placed behind a desk or locked in a room – that only staff members can access. There is a huge need now for tracking a package through the entire life cycle of the logistics chain: from hub to home. That need can also be met without opting for expensive and additional tracking options.

Let’s imagine an idyllic scenario. Couriers drop off items in a secure room, using a PIN, and simply scan package labels before setting items down on a shelf. The system can locate and track every package in the room – without requiring additional labels. From there, individuals are notified that their package is waiting in the secure room. Residents are given their own unique PIN to enter the room – without requiring staff assistance.

Once residents enter their PIN and sign their name, they are shown the exact location of their package on a map – ensuring that the correct package is taken. Individuals will even be notified if they pick up the wrong item by mistake.

A secure and self-service package retrieval solution will improve the delivery and pickup experience for couriers, residents, and apartment staff. Package management does not need to rely on manned service stations or limited hours. Instead, residents can simply go pick up their items when they want, with the reassurance that their package will be secure the entire time.

This ideal scenario is no longer just a dream: it exists and will help you utilize your space and staff to keep package management a smooth process.

Position Imaging has crafted the best user experience and interaction possible when it comes to secure package management and delivery. We’ve learned all the hiccups that can happen in the package management process and have developed the Smart Package Room solution to overcome those issues. Schedule a consultation with our team today to see how the Smart Package Room can benefit your apartment complex.

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