Three Million Packages Processed by Smart Package Room®

Position Imaging’s Smart Package Room® reached a significant milestone: three million packages processed globally, just eight months after the two million mark last September. Since we launched this package management solution in 2019, we have seen steady growth in the number of parcels processed – validating this technology and its transformative impact on the world of shipping and logistics. 

Redefining Package Management with Smart Package Room:

Smart Package Room is the future brought to life — a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline the package delivery and retrieval process. Using our proprietary tracking technology, Smart Package Room ensures that every package reaches its last-mile destination with optimal efficiency, security, and precision. This patented computer vision technology enables property managers in multifamily residences, student housing, and corporate office spaces to automate the tedious, time consuming task of manual package sorting. 

Serving Diverse Markets with Tailored Solutions:

Smart Package Room serves a variety of sectors in major hubs like Dallas, Miami, and New York, along with other emerging hubs. Each represents its own set of unique challenges and needs. Our current markets include:

  • Multifamily Housing: In these premium communities, amenities must complement and enhance a resident’s lifestyle to ensure satisfaction and retention. SPR accomplishes this through its streamlined pickup process, allowing residents to be instantly notified of deliveries via text and email. Once a package gets delivered to the smart room, residents scan a QR code or enter a PIN sent to them on their mobile device at the external kiosk. The kiosk shows the resident exactly where their package is on a room map. Once the door unlocks, laser and audio prompts guide them to their parcel’s precise location. Pickups take less than five seconds on average. 
  • Student Housing: In the hustling and bustling climate of student living, these communities consistently see a high volume of package deliveries which can lead to overflows. Versatility is key in mitigating package overflow, and Smart Package Room does just that by being flexible in implementation, easy to scale and having three times the package capacity of lockers. 
  • Corporate Offices: In the corporate realm of package management where businesses value security and organization for employee deliveries, our Smart Package Room solution shines. The smart room provides a centralized location for employee parcels that are monitored 24/7 by presence sensor cameras and requires a unique QR code or PIN to enter. Plus, its ability to fit any type, size, or shape of package from large pieces of equipment to small office supplies will immensely improve the corporate package pickup experience.

Across each of these markets, Smart Package Room has proven to be an invaluable asset. It addresses traditional package management challenges seen across the sectors above and gives properties a seamless, customizable solution that significantly enhances the user experience.

Looking to the Future:

We are just beginning. Our SPR team is anything but complacent. Package management is ever-changing, and so are the needs of our users. Armed with our commitment to excellence and a forward-thinking mindset, we are excited about the future enhancements, expanded capabilities, and new markets we plan to explore.

Thanks to all the properties that have trusted Smart Package Room during its young yet fast growth phase. Here’s to the next million packages and more! 

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