Why Having a Basic Package Room is No Longer Enough

For residents at apartment complexes, having a secure option for getting packages delivered is essential. Especially if you’re living in a big city, don’t own a car, or don’t live near a large shopping mall. How do you get items delivered quickly? By ordering online.

Residential property managers – especially those in charge of complexes with hundreds of units – must consider all of the deliveries coming in every day from UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon and others. Historically, packages have been dropped in the lobby, often forcing the responsibility of those items onto the concierge.

Property managers want to keep residents happy, but it can easily become overwhelming to keep track of the influx of deliveries. Staff members cannot fully focus on daily needs of residents or basic property maintenance if they’re tied to a desk and handling package drop offs and pick ups.

This is why package rooms, often utilized with lockers, started to become more popular. Initially, the problems were solved: the room was secure, video cameras can be utilized, and residents receive notifications when their package has arrived. Property managers were happy because it freed up their employees and also took away the responsibility of watching the packages. But now, the rise of online shopping has pushed standard package rooms to the brink. How can we take the next step in package management?

Let’s be smart about this

Even with lockers in a standard package room, there are going to be items that either don’t fit in the lockers themselves or there are too many packages during the busier times of year. Instead, what if there was a package room that allowed couriers to place items wherever there was space. A room that allowed property managers to forego the bulky and expensive lockers. A room that lets residents pick up items at their convenience and guarantees security.

The Smart Package Room foregoes the need for staff members to “man a desk” but still ensures that items are securely held. Residents receive a user interface code, and are shown on their smartphone exactly where their package is sitting on the shelf inside. Residents have a picture of the exact location before they even enter the room.

Once they type in their unique PIN and enter the room, a light points to their package: third shelf, left hand side, fourth row up. The time of pickup is significantly reduced, saving residents time without compromising the security of their items.

Just think about it: in a room with hundreds of packages, which experience would you prefer as a resident? Do you want to sift though piles of packages or do you want to know exactly where your package is? It’s time to get smart with package management, and let residents experience true convenience.

Residential properties need to swap out their standard package room for one that is scalable and improves the delivery and pickup experience for couriers and residents. The Smart Package Room takes user-friendly, innovative technology to track packages, creating a seamless, simple, and secure package management process. Contact one of our associates today to learn more.

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