Position Imaging Inc. to Introduce Smart Package Room® Solution

October 11, 2016 09:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Position Imaging, Inc. announced today that it will be introducing its new Smart Package Room® solution at the National Multifamily Housing Council OPTECH Conference and Exhibition in Dallas November 14, 2016. Although the company has already initiated installations with some of the biggest REITs in the US, this will be the first time the company publicly demonstrates this new solution and offers the system for sale to the marketplace.

“We saw the OPTECH Conference as the right place to formally introduce our new Smart Package Room solution. We are excited to show the market what is now possible from this new innovation. Package management will never be the same.” says Ned Hill, CEO of Position Imaging.

Position Imaging’s Smart Package Room solution enables a more hand’s off approach for building staff and provides more pickup flexibility for residents. Much like the self-checkout options at retail stores, this new solution puts the power of pickup in the residents’ hands and provides a simple installation option for existing or new rooms that is both cost effective and scalable.

To use the new package room, couriers simply scan packages and place in the room. As packages are scanned, residents get a pin letting them know their package was delivered. When residents arrive at the package room, they input their pin to get access to the secure room where a monitor and light guidance shows the exact location of their package. No more wasting time hunting for packages or risking loss and damage. It will drastically improve how packages are delivered and picked up in the future.

About Position Imaging

Position Imaging is a technology company focused on innovations to improve the logistics industry. The company opened its research lab in Portsmouth, NH in 2006 and has been creating the most accurate and novel tracking technologies in the world.

The Smart Package Room® solution was developed by Position Imaging to improve the logistics and package delivery industry. It specializes in simple, intuitive interactive technology that allows secure package tracking, location, and notification of delivery to residents. It currently has installed rooms in the Northeast and has offices in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Denver, Colorado. For more information, please visit www.smartpackageroom.com.


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