The Dime Installs Smart Package Room and Reduces Staffing Costs and Adds a Must-Have Amenity for Residents

Case Study Below Partially Presented In Multifamily Design + Construction, Spring 2022


The Dime Discusses How Installing The Smart Package Room 

Reduces Staffing Costs and Adds a Must-Have Amenity for Residents

The Client:

The Dime is a luxury multifamily local residence located in Brooklyn, NY that blends rich, historic architecture with stylish, contemporary design; a 23-story residential tower rises up from the original 1908 base of The Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg. The modern residence prides itself on providing the latest comforts and amenities, including a fully attended lobby, fitness center, state-of-the-art appliances, penthouse lounge, community garden, and much more. 

The Challenge:

Concierges and doormen at The Dime were becoming increasingly overwhelmed with the tasks and responsibilities of package management. Eventually, The Dime actively sought a vendor to help streamline the entire package management process by simplifying drop-off and pickup while enhancing security to reduce loss and theft—all in one technology solution.

The Solution:

The Dime’s residents are younger and tend to do most of their shopping online. Their purchases are not limited to tech devices or clothing, there is also a great deal of everyday essential items being purchased. These purchases create a significant increase in packages being delivered and residents expect to retrieve them quickly and easily. 

Being a progressive luxury multifamily residence, The Dime was quick to respond with package management technology that meets their residents’ lifestyle needs and package delivery expectations. 

The Dime opted to implement Position Imaging’s Smart Package Room, a computer-vision solution that provides simple package courier delivery and resident pick up with unmatched security while also removing the burden of package management from their staff. The Smart Package Room was determined to be the most effective solution, versus a traditional locker system, for staff and couriers to simplify the package delivery and pick-up process for residents.

Unlike other package rooms that still require manager assistance for delivery and pickup, the Smart Package Room is a complete self-service solution for all parties. To enter the Smart Package Room, couriers simply enter a PIN and then scan the package label to register the delivery, where the system automatically sends the recipient (resident) a notification and QR Code. To pick up the package from the Smart Package Room, the recipient scans the QR Code to reveal the package’s exact location using directed audio and laser prompts. To prevent loss and theft, computer vision technology monitors the package 24/7, through audio alerts and lasers, to prevent accidental or unauthorized package removal from the room. 

The Benefits:

The Dime was delighted with the results. By eliminating the need for staff interaction, the Smart Package Room literally turned a logistical nightmare into a modern amenity for couriers, managers, and residents. 

“It’s been a phenomenal tool to have in our building—the residents really love it,” said Gabe Siegel, Director of Asset Management, Charney Companies. “The Smart Package Room has added a ton of value to The Dime and the fact that the landlord installed a unique amenity like this makes The Dime a special place to live.”

Once installed, the benefits of the Smart Package Room became clear. One of the primary benefits realized immediately was that it allowed The Dime to keep their management focused on assigned tasks and not burdened with tracking down packages for residents. In addition, the Smart Package Room also allowed The Dime to reduce staffing costs because they no longer needed a dedicated person to manage courier package deliveries and residents’ pick up.

A unique feature that separates The Dime from its competitors is the Smart Package Room. “Landlords nowadays have to integrate different technology solutions to help drive efficiencies in managing their assets in order to stay competitive. The Smart Package Room is an effective technology to embrace and a distinguishing feature that other buildings will not be able to keep up with if they don’t have it,” Siegel added.  

In the age of e-commerce, where many packages are being delivered on a daily basis to multifamily dwelling lobbies, Position Imaging is making an impact by providing the most innovative solution to alleviate the package management burden for staff, while also offering an enhanced convenience for residents to retrieve their purchased belongings at any time. 


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