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Communities are generally found in large cities and are a great choice for renters who love views. People gravitate toward this type of lifestyle because they often live and work in the heart of major metropolitan areas. These Residents expect certain amenities such as elevators, laundry facilities, lounge areas, and security. Quickly moving up the list of must-have amenities for high-rise dwellers is a convenient package room solution.

However, all package room solutions are not created equal, and only one can lay claim to being a Smart Package Room®. Position Imaging’s Smart Package Room is quickly becoming the preferred package management solution for high-rise apartments because it provides the package security Residents demand with the flexibility that operability owners and managers need to streamline their work.

The Smart Package Room easily conforms to any room size and provides the necessary package management and security for today’s high-rise lifestyle. A kiosk mounted outside the door allows couriers to automatically check packages in and assign them to residents—all they have to do is enter the room and place the package on a shelf. Residents are instantly notified when a package has arrived for them.

Owners and managers are quickly adopting this package room solution because it’s an elegant way to manage hundreds of daily deliveries, does not require unsightly metal lockers, and alleviates the concierge or security guards from package management responsibilities.

Learn why more high-rise apartments are choosing Position Imaging’s Smart Package Room over other forms of package management.

210-220 Courier Experience

Let Smart Package Room® do all the work

For Property Managers across the country, Position Imaging’s Smart Package Room solution has become the clear choice for ensuring simple, secure package delivery and pickup.

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