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As the Property Manager of a large luxury apartment community with a busy demographic of working professionals who order everything online from their toilet paper to their furniture, I cannot express how greatly the Smart Package Room has improved our business. Myself and the two leasing consultants were spending more than 4 hours per day trying to manage the daily packages. Position Imaging has allowed us the time back to do our jobs. The minimal staff time that this amenity requires helps us to be more proactive and less stressed! You have been incredibly responsive to any questions or concerns, and we are extremely grateful.

Erica Stockton

Property Manager, Corcoran Property Management

With the Smart Package Room, we were able to reduce labor costs, while also allowing the staff more time to do their assigned daily activities. In addition, package retrieval times have significantly trimmed down and the lobby clutter from stored packages of all sizes has all but disappeared.

Jarrod Traub

Property Manager, 210-220 E. 22nd Street.

The Dime was delighted with the results. By eliminating the need for staff interaction, the Smart Package Room literally turned a logistical nightmare into a modern amenity for couriers, managers, and residents. It’s been a phenomenal tool to have in our building—the residents really love it. The Smart Package Room has added a ton of value to The Dime and the fact that the landlord installed a unique amenity like this makes The Dime a special place to live.

Gabe Siegel

Director of Asset Management, Charney Companies

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