Package Management Empowered

Manage packages easily and notify residents with a simple tap

Package Valet Mobile Application

With Package Valet™ a Smart Package Room® Solution, properties can easily check in packages of any type and size at the front desk or concierge station using our mobile application on a smartphone or the MobileKiosk™ device. With one quick tap packages are time-stamped and assigned to a resident, who is notified of their pickup immediately. For couriers, it’s as easy as wheeling the packages in and dropping them off.

A Solution Both Staff and Couriers Love

Package Valet by Smart Package Room is: 

  • Flexible – Use our MobileKiosk device or any compatible smartphone
  • Convenient – Package Valet can be used at the front desk, concierge or in the package area
  • Organized – Delivery notification includes image of the label and number of packages delivered
  • Versatile – Supports most resident file integrations
  • Efficient – Easily handles bulk package deliveries
  • Accessible Residents can pick up their packages at any time without assistance

Automatic Resident Notification with a Simple Tap

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