Position Imaging and Comm-Works Announce Strategic Partnership for the Smart Package Room® Solution

STRATHAM, N.H.(BUSINESS WIRE)Position Imaging, a pioneer in groundbreaking tracking technologies for improving the operation of logistics processes and Comm-Works, a leader in Global Branch Technology Deployment and Managed IT Services, have joined forces to provide enhanced installation and management of the Smart Package Room® solution for residential multi-housing units both in the U.S. and across the globe.

Comm-Works’ flexibility to meet each customers needs and global reach will provide the rapid installation and on-site repair availability required to ensure best-in-class customer experience performance and continuous quality improvement for Position Imaging’s pioneering tracking technologies and package management solutions.

“Position Imaging is excited about the partnership with Comm-Works,” said Ned Hill, CEO of Position Imaging. “As we continue to rapidly expand on our footprint across the US and begin to explore international penetration, Comm-Works was a clear choice in providing the professional installation and continued management our customers expect. Comm-Works will certainly be a key contributor to the company’s continued success in the residential package management arena.”

The Smart Package Room® provides a user-friendly and intuitive solution for package management, simplifying the process for couriers, residential staff and residents. Position Imaging’s hardware and cloud infrastructure partnerships now combined with Comm-Works’ rapid installation capabilities and a network of 20,000+ technicians nationwide enable the company to expand rapidly to meet the growing demand for its revolutionary solution.

“The relationship with Position Imaging represents an exceptional opportunity for Comm-Works,” said Al Lampe, CEO of Comm-Works. “We are excited to begin the partnership, allowing Comm-Works the capacity to combine our end-to-end solution capability with Position Imaging’s advanced package tracking solution.”

For more information on Position Imaging, visit Position-Imaging.com or call 1-603-766-1940; for more information on Comm-Works, visit Comm-Works.com or call 1-866-518-8320.

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About Position Imaging
Position Imaging opened its research lab in Portsmouth, NH in 2006. It focuses on creating the most accurate tracking technologies in the world. The Smart Package Room® solution was developed as a logistics/package tracking solution. The company has offices and installed rooms in the Northeast, and Midwest and is preparing its national rollout this year, delivering its scalable solution for both its existing and new customer demands with its hardware partners and Comm-Works. Learn more at https://positionimag.wpengine.com

About Comm-Works
Comm-Works is a premier global technology deployment & managed IT services provider, offering repeatable, consistent, high-quality, and timely technology solutions. Comm-Works’ comprehensive Lifecycle Management is known for its superior project management services, which coordinates all aspects of an IT deployment. With 20,000+ technicians in over 120 countries, Comm-Works has global capabilities that exceed those of its competitors. Comm-Works’ 24/7/365 customer support and on-site capabilities in four hours or less give its customers confidence that their systems will be operational. Learn more at www.comm-works.com

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