CIC Partners with Position Imaging to Automate Package Management

March 11, 2019 09:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), an international leader in shared space for the global innovation community, founded by Tim Rowe, announced today that The Smart Package Room® will be opening at its 245 Main location in Cambridge, MA.

The Smart Package Room® solution uses Position Imaging’s new advanced Amoeba™ computer vision technology to enable simple, intuitive, and secure package handling. CIC is a leading shared workspace service company that has created a community of entrepreneurs with more startups than anywhere else on the planet; a perfect location to launch the first non-residential Smart Package Room.

“We are constantly looking at ways to provide world class solutions for our residents. Smart Package Room is a great fit for our goals and for our community of innovative-minded entrepreneurs,” said Tim Rowe, CEO, CIC.

After the package is delivered, this self-service automated package room uses AI-based computer vision technology to map out where the package is located from the moment it is placed and tracks it even if moved while in the room. When delivered to the room, a notification is sent to the package recipient with a photo of the package and an entry pin for room access. Once the unique entry pin is entered, it displays a digital map of the room with the recipient’s package illuminated to show its exact location, then verbal instructions and light guidance directs the user directly to their package, even alarming when the wrong package happens to be taken.

“CIC is the kind of organization that we try to align ourselves with as we launch this new package management solution. Tim and his team have been terrific to work with on this new installation and use case. It is fitting that we introduce our first non-residential use case for Smart Package Room at such an innovation driven community like CIC. We are very excited about this new use case and relationship,” said Ned Hill, CEO, Position Imaging.

Smart Package Room and its underlying Amoeba Computer Vision technology is another unique innovation from Position Imaging.

About CIC

CIC recognizes that invention propels innovation, density spurs collaboration, and a shared purpose drives a thriving community. As we race forward into an age of exponential growth and transformation, CIC provides a home from which to work, allowing innovators to easily access resources and create substantive, positive global impact.

CIC works with powerful, local partners to develop the critical networks that entrepreneurs need to grow effectively. For almost two decades, we have focused on strengthening vibrant communities, building collaborative work environments, and creating impactful programming to attract and support the very best entrepreneurs and their teams. More information can be found at:

About Position Imaging

Position Imaging opened its research lab in Portsmouth, NH in 2006. It focuses on creating the most accurate tracking technologies in the world. The Smart Package Room® solution was developed in 2015 as a logistics/package tracking solution. The company has offices and installed rooms in the Northeast and Colorado. More information can be found at:


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