Simplifying eCommerce Fulfillment Solutions

Smart Package Management

Position Imaging’s iPickup® Point Center expedites the pickup process for retail BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In-Store) using computer vision and laser guidance. Our computer vision technology tracks items and all activity within the visual zone 24/7.

The iPickup Point tracks the items with correlates it to an order, and then uses laser guidance to locate the exact item for retrieval. The system uses both laser and audio prompts to direct the user to the package needed to be picked up, without the assistance of store associates – making this a fast, accurate package pickup in store solution.

The iPickup Point can be installed in storage rooms, behind counters, or in open shelving on the sales floor. Integration to the store’s POS system reduces human error and accelerates the process of staging orders for pickup. The average time for an associate to stage items is less than 15 seconds, and customer pickup is usually half that time.

Let Smart Package Room® do all the work

For Property Managers across the country, Position Imaging’s Smart Package Room solution has become the clear choice for ensuring simple, secure package delivery and pickup.

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