iPackage Room™

Our Basic Smart Package Room®

The iPackage Room™ system is Position Imaging’s basic package management solution. It allows multifamily properties to install a contactless, secure, intuitive package system with lightweight tracking. The iPackage Room product features automatic resident assignment and notification making delivery fast and simple for couriers. Even as a basic package management system, it records the tracking #, number of packages per resident, delivery time, and when the pickup occurs. Security is provided at the kiosk and within the room through digital authorization, image capture, and 24/7 room monitoring.

iPackage Room Features

  • Secure contactless kiosk entry system
  • Package scanning with auto assignment and notification to residents, simply scan and place
  • Package type notifications – flat package, standard package, oversized package – know what you are picking up before you enter the room
  • Package notification sent via text and email
  • Courier and resident room access is fully monitored and trackable ensuring secure package delivery and pickup 24/7

Upgrading your iPackage Room™ is easy

Installing the iPackage Room provides your building with secure contactless package delivery & pickup. Then when ready, upgrade to the Smart Package Room solution which offers Computer Vision tracking technology of individual packages along with laser light guidance.

How the iPackage™ Room Works

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